The name - The Skint Traveller was born out of a fondness for luxury travel but on tightest budget possible.


We do not earn a lot of money, far from it but we still holiday like the rich in exotic locations such as the Maldives attracting an average cost per night of £800. In reality, we would never pay that cost but using loyalty points and paying $6.00 per night for Taxes we can handle.

We love to travel, hey who doesn't but rather than sitting at the back of the plane in Economy, we have found an addiction for the front of the plane in Business or First Class flying whenever we can. 

Believe me, when you take your first Business Class flight, you never want to go back to Economy!

We had never set foot in an airport lounge until about five years ago. Wow, what a difference a decent lounge makes to the start of your journey. Just arriving at the airport and making your way to your complimentary lounge is exciting in itself. Then to sit down with a few glasses of Champagne, a good coffee and a plate of goodies starts your journey off on the right footing.

So how do we do it?

A lot of research, planning and taking a "leap of faith" when its needed. You can do it too, if we can do it, then anyone can!

Our Reviews cover topics such as how we manage to fly in Business / First Class for less than paying for an economy ticket by collecting miles & points.


How we stay in 5 Star Luxury hotels & Resorts in exotic locations around the world. As an example we recently stayed in the Seychelles in a £900 a night Villa with its own Infinity Pool for £110 a night by using points.

Staying in Luxury hotels and flying in Upper Class cabins is addictive, its like a Drug to us and we are not ready to kick the habit anytime soon.

Come and join us on our journey, if you have any questions or need any help then simply leave a message for us in the comments sections under each article and we promise to come back to or Click Here to Contact Us Directly - CONTACT US