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American Express British Airways BA Premium Plus Amex Card 2020 Review

The American Express British Airways Premium Plus card known as the Black AMEX BAPP card benefits from a bonus Free 2-4-1 Companion Voucher every year & earns a very generous 1.5 avios points per pound. Our review covers the BA executive club, the login & how to apply process, the interest rate, the regular bonuses and all the amazing benefits. Read our review to learn everything about this card and if its worth the annual fee.

The Amex British airways Premium Plus Card Benefits Overview

  • 25,000 Bonus Avios Points when you spend £3000 in the first three months of your membership.

  • Earn an extra 1000 x bonus Points by clicking on this link below:

American Express British Airways Premium Plus Card Apply

  • 2-4-1 Companion Voucher after spending £10,000 in each membership year.

  • 1.5 avios point earnt per £1.00 spent using your BAPP card.

  • 3 x avios points per £1.00 when spent on British Airways flights or holidays.

  • Free travel accident / Inconvenience insurance when you use your British airways American Express premium plus card for the travel purchases.

  • Earn 6000 Bonus avios points for adding a Free supplementary card holder to your account.

  • Additional bonus avios / cashback regular offers.

  • APR Representative 74.7% variable / 22.2% variable for purchases.

The American Express BAPP Card Bonus 25,000 Avios Points Introductory Offer

The British airways American Express Premium Plus Card is currently the highest earning bonus avios points credit card on the market today in the UK.

Recently many Credit Card companies have been slashing their previously generous bonus points offer or completely removing them from the market. This is due to the new European Union rules imposed in the UK on financial institutes and how much they can charge fees to the Public & Companies using financial payment products.

But amazingly, American Express have decided, for the present atleast not reduce or remove the very generous sign up bonus point offer with the British airways premium plus card. For how long we do not know but most people have decided to not take the chance and have taken out the card now just in case its scrapped.

Once you take out this card, Amex cannot reduce the bonus or remove them as by signing up for the agreement, both parties involved are contractually bound by the conditions offering you protection.

Back to that generous 25,000 Bonus Avios point offer...

Every new customer of the American Express British airways Premium plus credit card or a customer which has not held this card in the last 24 x months can receive the 25,000 Bonus avios points offer as part of its generous benefits package.

You need to spend on the BAPP Card £3000 in the first three months of your new card membership.

To some people, this amount of spending may look unachievable, but lets now look at the many ways below how you can easily spend £3000 in three months.

Grocery shopping - virtually all supermarkets in the UK now accept Amex as a payment option. If your a family of 3-4, you can easily spend on groceries per month £300 - £500 and a couple at £200 - £400.

Online Purchases - with online purchases of nearly everything these days, it is easy to spend your online purchases using your new American Express card. If you do not see Amex as a payment option at the checkout, most retailers now offer PayPal which you can use to select Amex as your selected payment provider.

Entertainment - virtually all Public houses / Bars / Restaurants now accept card payment, most will also accept Amex. But always check first, if its a major chain & they do not accept American express, they most likely have Gift Cards available which can be purchased from your Supermarket which accepts Amex as payment.

Bill Payments - you will be pleasantly surprised to read that you can usually use American Express to pay your utility bills online. Even if you have a Direct Debit set up, you can still make overpayments using your credit card.

Supplementary Cards - double your spending power on your new BAPP card by giving your partner / spouse a supplementary card for all their spending.

You can probably see by reading our tips above how easy it is to spend the required amount within three months to collect that generous 25,000 Avios point bonus.

How does 25,000 Bonus BA Avios Points Benefit Me?

You can actually fly on British Airways in Economy from most regional airports to most European destinations for less than 25,000 Avios points.

For 20,000 Avios Points you can get 1 x Return flight from London to Athens & have 5000 avios left over.

For 15,000 Avios Points you can fly 1 x Return flight from London to Rome plus 10,000 points left over.

For 9000 avios points you can fly 2 x Return flights or take a partner from London to Berlin.

You can also redeem those 25,000 Avios points to upgrade from Premium Economy Class to Club World Business Class as per the picture below or Business to First Class.

The new British airways Club Suite with Door, available using Avios Points as an Upgrade.

The British airways American Express Companion Voucher 2-4-1

One of the biggest advantages of the Amex British airways Premium Plus Card is the Free Companion Voucher otherwise known as the 2-4-1 voucher.

The British Airways Companion Voucher enables the account holder, once they have spent £10,000 in a year using the BAPP card to receive 2-4-1 travel. That means you can take a Companion with you for Free when you use Avios Points to book your chosen flight/s.

It's basically like a BOGOF (Buy one, get one free) offer by American Express inconjunction with British airways. The 2-4-1 Companion Voucher is valid from the date of issue for 24 Months so gives you plenty of time to find your preferred flights. All you need to remember is that you need to have flown atleast the outbound part of your flights before the 24 month expiry date on your voucher, the inbound section can be anytime afterwards.

This allows you, as the account holder with a Companion Voucher to take another person with you on the same flight and cabin when you redeem your Avios Points for a British Airways avios reward flight. Taxes, fees and carrier charges do apply though.

The Amex 2-4-1 Companion Voucher can if used correctly, achieve amazing benefits and savings on your BA flights.

Example: You book a First Class return flight on British Airways using Avios Points, Your Companion then flies completely free even in First Class return. This 2-4-1 Voucher can represent savings when using BA First class as much as £6000 - £8000.

Taxes & Surcharges are applicable when booking Reward flights using avios points.

The Premium Plus Black Card UK Earning Rate

The British airways American Express Premium Plus credit card earns Avios at a rate of 1.5 points for every £1.00 spent using the Black BAPP card on qualifying purchases.

If we compare this to other point earning cards on the UK market today such as the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card, Review found by clicking the link in Blue, it

earns an extra 50% more Avios Points for every pound spent on the card than other cards available.

The BAPP cards extra 50% more avios points earnt make this is a very lucrative card to own as it enables you including the 25,000 Bonus point introductory offer to save up enough posits for that Rewards flight including the 2-4-1 Companion Voucher.

The AMEX Black Premium Card has an APR interest rate - Representative 74.7%

The Generous Travel Purchase Rate

Using your BAPP card on travel related purchases earns you 3 points for every £1.00 spent on British Airways flight taxes or BA Holidays.

The American Express British airways Premium Plus Card Travel Insurance Cover

Travel Inconvenience Insurance

Travel Inconvenience insurance covers flight cancellations, delays and delayed luggage when you pay with your Card.

  • £200 for flight delay, overbooking or missed connection

  • £750 for baggage delayed by airline for 6 hours

  • An additional £1,000 for extended baggage delay by airline

Global Assist provides help when you travel outside of the UK, in you own language, 24/7.

Travel Accident Insurance.

Travel accident insurance protects you for up to £250,000 on public transport when you buy your ticket on your Card.

American Express BA Premium Plus Card Supplementary Card

Every British airways Premium Plus Amex Card account holder can add supplementary cards to their account.

The First supplementary card is completely free and will provide you a bonus of 5,000 avios points.

If you wish to add more supplementary cards to your account after the first complimentary card, these will be chargeable.

Why you should add a Supplementary Card to your BA Amex Card Account

  • Make your £3000 Bonus offer spend requirements easier to reach by adding another card holder to your account. Double the spend, quicker to qualify!

  • Make the £10,000 required spend for your free 2-4-1 Companion Voucher within one year easier.

BA Amex Premium Plus Card vs BA Amex Credit Card Review

In this section we will look as a comparison between the two current American Express British airways credit cards available in the UK.

BA Free Amex Card:

  • 5,000 Bonus Avios Points Introductory offer when you spend £1000 within the first three Months of membership.

  • Earn 1 x Avios Point per Pound spent on qualifying purchases.

  • Earn 2-4-1 Companion Voucher when you spend £20,000 a year (Expiry 12 x Months)

  • Free Travel Protection Insurance

  • Supplementary free card with 3,000 Bonus Avios Points

  • APR - 22.9% variable & Purchases

  • No annual fee

If you interested in reading more about the Free Version, Click this Link here - Free American Express British Airways BA Amex Credit Card to Read our Full Review.

BA Amex Premium Plus Card;

  • 25,000 Bonus Avios Points Introductory offer when you spend £3000 within the first three Months of membership.

  • Earn 1.5 x Avios Points per Pound spent on qualifying purchases.

  • Earn 2-4-1 Companion Voucher when you spend £10,000 a year (Expiry 24 x Months)

  • Free Travel Protection Insurance

  • Supplementary free card with 5,000 Bonus Avios Points

  • APR - 76% variable & 22.9% Purchases

  • £195 annual fee

American Express BA Premium Plus Card Annual Fee

Unfortunately, most generous credit card sign up offer cards come with annual fee's ranging from £95.00 - £200.

The British airways American express premium plus card annual fee is £195.00, this annual fee is applicable each and every year of membership.

BA American express Premium Plus card eligibility

  • I am aged 18 or over

  • I have a current UK bank or building society account

  • I have a permanent UK home address

  • I have no history of bad debt

  • I understand I will not be eligible for any Welcome Bonus award if I hold or have held any personal British Airways American Express Card product in the past 24 months.

  • If you can say yes, go ahead. Your application takes less than 10 minutes and we may be able to give you a response in less than 60 seconds.

If you can answer yes to the above statements, you have a very high probability of being accepted.

To ensure your credit worthy, its always best to check your Credit score before applying for any type of credit.

To check your Credit Score for Free, click on this link > Free Credit Score Report < and sign up to Topcashback who in turn will also pay you to check your Credit Score for Free.

British airways American express BAPP card eligibility & How to apply

To ensure your eligible for the Amex Premium Plus Credit Card, firstly you should ensure your credit score is good by completing a Free Credit Score Report as above.

Eligibility and your Credit limit will all depend on various factors contained within your credit score.

Too much credit already on your credit file does not automatically mean not being accepted. American express may just offer you a lower credit limit to start off which in most cases will be increased within the first three months.

The Amex Black Premium BA Card Login Process

In order for applicants to sign in to their Amex account online, you will need to set up an account with an unique username and password. Once this process has been completed successfully, you will receive an email to your registered address which you can use to login to your account each and everytime.

British Airways Executive Club Sign Up Process

In order for new applicants to earn and save avios points, you will need to firstly sign up to the executive club using an unique username and password. This account will need to be linked to your individual email address for you to be able to access your avios points balance.

Our Conclusions / Verdict / Opinions

There is no better earning Avios Point credit card on the UK market today than the BA Amex Premium Plus Card.

The generous benefits of 25,000 Avios points bonus, free 2-4-1 Companion Voucher & 1.5 Avios points per pound spent is outstanding.

The only drawback is the annual fee of £195.00 but you can reduce the annual fee by signing up for the card, spending £10,000 as quickly as possible. Then bag the 25,000 Avios points bonus & the 2-4-1 Voucher and downgrade to the fee free BA Amex card - Review Found Here >

The Rules when paying for the Tax element of your 2-4-1 voucher redemption on flights are that you have to pay using your BA Amex card. In reality you can use any Amex card but downgrading to the Fee Free BA Amex works fine.

How to get Additional Avios Bonus Points for Signing Up

If you click on the picture above 🔺 and navigate to the British Airways Premium Plus Black or Blue Card on the list, you will earn an extra bonus of 1,000 Avios Points on top of the 25,000 bonus points on offer by taking out the BAPP card using the link above.

As an additional Bonus, once your signed up, you can add a Supplementary Card holder to your account earning an additional 5,000 Bonus Avios Points = 6,000 Extra Avios Points.

By using the extra bonus point offer on the link above & signing up for the Black Amex Card, you will earn 34,500 Avios points for spending £3000.

American Express have recently updated the Terms & Conditions relating to Customer Sign up Bonuses.

If you have held an Amex Point earning card in the last 24 months, Amex will no longer credit to your account the generous sign up bonuses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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