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American Express Amex Gold Card UK [Update 2020] Review

The American Express Gold Card otherwise known as the Amex Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card in the UK is simply the Very Best card available on the Market Today. Just one of the Benefits of this card is that it offers 10,000 Bonus Amex MR points, free airport lounge access passes, Travel Insurance and great credit limits. Our Review today will provide you all the information you need to get the very most out of the Amex Gold Rewards Card.


In this Review article we will be looking at in detail all of the benefits that has to offer customers. This includes the eligibility requirements , earning Membership Reward points on everyday spend, the anniversary bonus, hotel room upgrades, discounts on hire cars, Purchase protection using the gold card, regular bonus point / cashback promotions, discounts using the Amex travel website, eligibility, credit score, Priority pass, offers & benefits, application & how to contact Amex.

Eligibility Requirments

Most people new to the Credit Card market usually think Amex are for only people who earn a considerable amount of money or wealthy. The fact is that the these days the Amex Gold Preferred Rewards Card is available to almost anyone.

Where to use your Gold Credit Card in the UK

In the past American Express has not been the preferred choice of consumers in the past due to the reduced number of retailers who accept them as payment. This has changed in recent years, all big retailers like all Supermarkets, restaurant chains, online outlets all now accept these cards.

A great Tip to be aware of is if you plan to make a purchase online and do not see the logo displayed as a payment option, look for the PayPal logo instead. PayPal accept Amex as a payment option so all you need to is enter your card details in your PayPal account, now you can use your Card as payment online.

There also lots of ways of using your card on payments that you would otherwise usually use cash through your bank account like Direct Debits to Utility companies, Council Tax etc. We will go into more detail in these routes a little later on.

The Benefits of the Amex Gold Credit Card

When you apply for the Credit Card and spend £2000 in the first 3 x months, you will be rewarded to your account 10,000 Membership Reward Points. You can increase that bonus by "Contacting Us" to earn 12,000 MR Points instead of 10,000.

We will send you details by email how to earn an extra points on your Bonus, this can only be done by someone who has already an account set up with Amex.

The 10,000 MR points can be used in many ways, if you transfer that amount to Avios, you will have enough points to redeem for a free flight to various places in Europe from London.

You can also transfer your Bonus points to various other airline / Hotel Partners including Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Guest, Emirates, Hilton Honors, Radisson or Marriott. You can either choose from a free economy flights with British Airways to Europe or maybe enough for One Free Night in a hotel, that's the benefit of the points, they are flexible and can be used to pay towards or in full of your chosen travel arrangements.

Airport Lounge Access

As part of your cards benefits, you will also receive once a year, two Free Lounge Passes. Generally to purchase lounge access will cost you around £25 each so you receive for Free approx £50 worth of lounge passes per year.

The Free Lounge Passes are applicable at all lounges in the world as part of a company called Lounge Club. Lounge Club provides customers lounge access at various airports around the world for a fee, either per entry or you can buy separately yearly membership.

Lounge Club offer you free access to over 700 x airport lounges around the world.

You can use your American express Preferred Rewards express gold card free Lounge Passes not just for yourself but also on a guest so you're not restricted if travelling together.

You are also able to purchase after you have used up your two free passes at a discounted rate.

Each and every year you're a member, you will receive through the post two new free Lounge passes.

The Benefits

As discussed previously, the benefits of the Gold Rewards Card for loyalty point collectors are brilliant. Below we have attached pictures of all the transfer partners and the redemption rates applicable to each partner. You will see the best Hotel / Airline partners listed below.

Amex Gold card members earn One point for every £1 spent on purchases.

2 x points for every £1 spent directly with airlines or in a foreign currency.

3 x points for every £1 spent at American Express Travel, your exclusive Card member online travel site.

The Travel Insurance Cover

If you pay for flights using your Gold Card, your instantly protected by free travel insurance protection. The cover includes inconvenience up to The sum of £200 if your departure was missed, this could be for instance from a result of an accident, car breakdown on the way to travel, or you have simply missed a travel connection. Also, you will be compensated to the figure of up to £200 also if you luggage is delayed by an airline for four hours or more.

There are some exceptions though that you need to be aware of including the protection does not cover you if the travel,operator has already offered you an alternative, the delay of luggage was on the final part of your journey, delays under four hours.

The Card holder and any supplementary Card members and also respective partners and dependent children under the age of 23 are all covered by the protection. This includes if they are travelling together or alone on business and or on leisure trips.

The Preferred Rewards Gold Card UK Anniversary Bonus

All American Express Gold card members receive an Anniversary Bonus each and every year of membership. Each member receives a very generous 10,000 Membership Rewards points after each year if you spend at least £15,000 within the previous 12 month period.

The bonus 10,000 points take on average 2 x weeks to credit to your account in the following year of your account. This extra bonus can be transferred to one of the many airline / Hotel Partners or redeemed for a gift card to use at most retailers.

The Annual Fee & Balance Transfers

In year one of your membership, your annual fee is completely free. On the anniversary of your first year of membership you will be billed directly to your account year 2's full membership fee of £140.

You can cancel your membership at anytime, if you pay the annual fee of £140 and decide to cancel your membership during year 2, you will receive a pro-rata refund of the difference. As an example, you pay for year 2's membership but decide to cancel one month after. You would receive approximately 11 x months pro-rata refund, membership refunds are calculated on a daily rate also.

What is the Limit for the card?

On the successful application, you will be communicated your allocated Credit Limit on your account. Your allocated credit limit will depend on different factors including your income, expenditure and if you already hold other credit cards with balances outstanding. As an example, we were provided a credit limit of £6800 in the first month, this was increased to £10,000 after 6 x months.

Hotel Collection Programme

An often missed perk of this card is the The Hotel Collection’ programme.This provides an upgrade up to £100 credit when you book a two night or more stay at participating hotels detailed in the programme. The hotels participating include Radisson Blu, Omni, Kimpton, Hilton, Sofitel and lots more.

The additional card fee

Additional cards or Supplementary cards as they are official known as are available on your account. supplementary cards are a fantastic way to make your spend requirements for the generous 10,000 MR bonus after 3 x months.

Your first supplementary card is completely free of charge, sometimes Amex will send you an email invitation to take out a supplementary card offering you a bonus. We received this invitation and even before the supplementary card had arrived, 3000 bonus points were credited to my account.

If you wish to add more supplementary card holders on Your account to family members, each additional supplementary card will cost £45.00 each.

American express Gold application

The application process is extremely easy to complete online. You will be required to complete all sections as per the sections above. Information such as annual income, time at your current address, previous home addresses if you have moved within the last three years, other credit cards held and balances etc.

Once you have submitted your application online, you will either receive an instant decision statement if successfully accepted or a message they will be in contact shortly with a decision. If you do not receive an instant decision, do not think your not accepted, it usually means some additional checks need to be completed using a credit reference agency using your credit file.

In our instance, even though we meet all the requirements of the Gold credit card application, we never get an immediate decision. It usually takes up to 7 x days for a successful application communication. We find that we receive our cards through the post before we receive a communication that we were successful in our application.

To apply for the Amex Gold Card and earn the additional Bonus Points, click the Banner below and Navigate to Preferred Cards and select the Gold Card from the list. 🔻

Card balance transfer Process

Your account will communicate to you how to balance transfer from other cards. Balance transfers are 9,9% for the first 6 month period. You can either call up to complete a balance transfer or online through your account. The details required include your American Express Card details, Credit Card account number or the number on Gold Card.

You will need to have the details of the Name of the other bank where the balance is held you wish to transfer and the amount you wish to transfer.

Your account login Process

Your account provides easy online accessibility 24 x hours a day. You will be required at the application stage to enter a correspondence or account nominated email address and your preferred User identification details and your selected password details. You will need to remember these to enable online access to your account.

If you do forget your login details, you can easily recover your user ID and passwords by simply entering details off your card, your date of birth etc.

The Amex Gold Card Contact phone number:

Customer Services team can be contacted 24 hours a day on 0800 032 7642.

Our Verdict / Recommendations

As stated before, this Card is one of the very best on the market today. When you consider all the benefits and offers and that you do not pay any annual fee in year one, you really cannot beat this Card.

Is the Amex Gold Card Worth it?

The range of airline / Hotel Partners you can transfer your points to is one of the most comprehensive available. With double MR points (2 per £1) on all travel treated spend like airline tickets or hotels, your points will soon mount up fast.

Remember this card is free for the first year only, each subsequent year you keep the card you will be charged £140. If you would like to take out a Free Annual Card that still earns points then take a look at our review here - BA Amex Blue Credit Card

If your into collecting airline or hotel loyalty points so you can potentially stay in Luxury hotels or fly in the best airlines in the world, this Card is for you.

If you would like to earn 12,000 MR Points instead of 10,000 points, simply click on the link below which will take you to the extra bonus point sign up page. Navigate to Preferred Card section and find the Gold Card on the list and click to apply.

Amex Gold Extra Bonus Card Apply Page

Alternatively, you can also earn 26,000 Avios Points by taking out another Amex Card, to read our full Review click on this link here - American Express British Airways Premium Plus card

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