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British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner Club World Business Class Review 2020

The British Airways 787 - 9 Dreamliner is one of the newest & most advanced aircraft introduced in 2015 into BA's long haul aircraft fleet including First Class / Business Class (Club World), Premium Economy & Economy seating.

The seatmap shows it being able to hold up to 216 passengers in total. See how our first flight on the BA Dreamliner 787 went and what makes this aircraft any better.

Is the British Airways Boeing 787 - 9 a Dreamliner?

The 787 - 9 Dreamliner aircraft is exclusively made by Boeing and on British Airways they consist of a 4 class cabin aircraft covering First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy & Economy cabins.

What type of plane is a 787 9?

The Boeing 787 9 aircraft is a wide body aircraft primarily used for long haul routes. This aircraft can travel at up to 650mph and reduces noise pollution by up to 60%. Latest pressurization technology allows passengers to arrive at their destination feeling less fatigued.

The First Class cabin seats have been reduced to only 8 seats from 14.

Club world (Business class) consists of 42 seats with two separate cabins.

Premium economy (World Traveller Plus) consists of 39 seats.

Economy ( World Traveller) consists of 127 seats.

The British airways 787-9 Dreamliner is 20% more fuel efficient than other similar sized aircraft.

The 787-9 travels at Mach 0.85, or about 650 miles per hour.

The Windows have been made to be 30% larger than similar sized aircraft.

The 787-9 Dreamliner use's an advanced pressurisation system onboard resulting in cabin altitude reduced towards other aircraft. This technology enables passengers to land in their destination feeling more refreshed. (Read on to find out our experience of this).

The Business Class (Club World) product features New touch screen In-Flight entertainment systems, White Company mattress toppers & blanket.

Noise reduction headphones, seat USB & 3 Pin plug power sockets, fully lie-flat seats, newly improved dining options, fully dimmable window controls & footrest.

The British airways Dreamliner 787 Seatmap

The British Airways 787 seatmap confirms that its a four class cabin aircraft consisting of 7 x First class seats, 42 x Business class Club World seats, 33 x World Traveller Plus / Premium economy seats & 127 world traveller / economy seats for passengers.

Our British airways 787 9 Dreamliner Business Class First Experience

We booked our British Airways, Club World seats on the 787 9 "Dreamliner" almost ten months prior to departure. The cost of our flights from London Heathrow to the Seychelles Return for 2 x people would of cost us, if paying by cash approximately £7000.

To pay for our flights, we used 200k Avios Points (Peak) & a 241 British airways American Express Companion Voucher plus £1150.00 in taxes saving us approx £5850.00.

However, even in Club World you do not get free seat selection until 24 x hours before departure or free if you hold BA Silver Status or above. See how we pay for our seats in the cheapest way - BA Seat Selection Review

If your not already aware, with British airways Business Class flights you receive complementary lounge access at your departure airports, Dedicated check-in areas, Priority Boarding & Fast track security.

To read our experience of the three different BA Business Class lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5 before our departure - Click here > BA Business Lounges Heathrow T5

Heathrow Terminal 5 Boarding Gate Review

After 2 hours of experiencing all three of the BA Lounges accessible to Business Class passengers in Terminal 5, we made our way to our departure boarding gate area C.

As we arrived at departure gate C, we observed one area surrounded by mid height glass walls containing a number of seats. Noticing a number of passengers seated we took a seat awaiting any update to our boarding information.

After a 10 minutes of not hearing any priority boarding announcements for our flight, we decided to seek out assistance. What we discovered was that located behind our waiting area, partially obscured by a lift shaft was our boarding gate zone.

This area was separated into three lanes, sign posted at the start of each lane by small signage depicting First / Business Class passengers, Premium Economy & Economy lanes. What we observed whilst queuing were lots of economy passengers clogging up the priority boarding lanes and being turned away by the BA staff for being in the Priority boarding lane.

After a few minutes waiting, our boarding passes were scanned & Passports checked and we made our way down a tunnel to our awaiting aircraft.

Boarding the British airways 787 9 Dreamliner Business Class Cabin

Our boarding passes were checked once again on entry and a Cabin crew member directed us left into the "Mini" Club World Business Class cabin (Rows 6 & 7).

The "Mini" Club World cabin is situated directly behind the First class cabin and consists of only two rows of business class seats & 14 seats in total. The "Mini" section is separated by a bulk head containing the cabin crews kitchen area, club world snack bar, refrigerators and toilets. Behind the bulkhead consists of another 4 rows of Business Class Seats containing 28 seats.

The BA 787-9 Dreamliner Club World cabins has a layout of two seats on the outer rows next to the windows. These two seats are positioned in a "Ying Yang" style so the window seat faces backwards with the adjoining aisle seat facing forwards.

The middle seats contain three Business Class Seats layed out with the outer seats on the aisles facing forwards and the middle seat facing backwards. Due to the middle seat sandwiched between the outer two seats, this has unfortunately been given the nickname "The Coffin Seat" as pictured below.

Unfortunately, the layout with seats facing backwards in BA Business Class cabins means that some passengers have to step over other passengers feet when the footrests are in operation.

This is one drawback of the existing Club World layout but newer aircraft such as the A350-1000 being introduced into the BA fleet in 2019 have overcome this problem by completely redesigning BA Business Class and introducing "Suites" with doors.

We choose Row 7, seat J & K as our preferred option. My choice, 7K Window seat was chosen due to being located facing the bulkhead wall resulting in me not having anyone to step over other passengers feet.

On first impressions entering the 787-9 Business Class cabin we were very impressed. The interiors in Club World look modern with shades of Grey & Beige with silver trims. Blue Mood lighting illuminated the ceiling lines underneath the storage lockers.

The carpets looked clean and not worn and the general cleanliness of all surfaces were of a high standard.

The "Mini" cabin has an intimate feel to it and a great view into the First class cabin which did not look much larger than Business.

Already placed on my seat as i arrived was a White Company mattress topper & blanket & a large BA logo pillow with a set of noise cancelling headphones.

One observation we made were that the windows in our cabin were all blacked out as we arrived, it gave a surreal feeling as if you were in a tunnel on a train. After being seated i decided to play around with the touch controls for my Windows and discovered that you had to alter the settings to daylight. These new window touch controls are a vast improvement on the old style shutter system.

Not long after being seated a very friendly BA Cabin Crew member handed out hot towels to us to refresh with and a glass of Champagne & bottles of water. Located under the In-Flight entertainment screen compartment a smart, swivel style retractable tray is also housed.

All British airways Business Class Club World passengers now receive an updated White Company amenity kit containing an eye mask, flight socks, toothpaste & toothbrush & various moisturisers on every flight.

The In-Flight entertainment system is an updated version with full touch screen controls or by using the remote control situated next to your seat. The IRE screen folds neatly away when not in use into its housing. I found a new 3D version of the flight path route map installed along with a comprehensive selection of Movies, Documentaries, Music, Games, News & audiable books.

All British airways Business Class Club World passengers now receive an updated White Company amenity kit containing an eye mask, flight socks, toothpaste & toothbrush & various moisturisers on every flight.

The In-Flight entertainment system is an updated version with full touch screen controls or by using the remote control situated next to your seat. The IRE screen folds neatly away when not in use into its housing. I found a new 3D version of the flight path route map installed along with a comprehensive selection of Movies, Documentaries, Music, Games, News & audiable books.

Not too long into our flight time, approx 40 mins since departure we were handed our Club World Dining menu's. We had a mixed experience of British airways Business Class Long Haul dining on our last flight from Gatwick to Male (Maldives) Review found by clicking here -> <- so we waited with anticipation of the newly improved CW dining experience.

We ordered off the Club World dining menu.


Smoked Chicken Terrine with a Pickled Ginger / Samphire


Sea Trout with crushed new potatoes, roasted root vegetables, Lemon cream sauce.


Cheese board with Grapes / Figs.

Wine, soft drinks or Water was offered to accompany our meals.

Wow, what an improvement on our previous Club World Dining experience on the 777-200.

The starter was tasty with unusual accompanying flavours from the pickled ginger / samphire.

The mains in my opinion was very good, especially for Fish served on an airplane. The crushed new potatoes were delicious, root vegetables especially the carrots held a good flavour and the lemon cream sauce was delicious.

Since our last British airways Club Europe short haul Business Class experience earlier this year, Review found by clicking here ->-,

I decided to once again sample the excellent Cheese board. This consists of quality, British cheese's such as Coastal Cheddar / Somerset Brie, biscuits with Grapes & dried Figs.

As an overall opinion, I would rate this Club World meal at an 8 out of 10.

On our return flight back to London, we choose the following Club World Meals:


Mezze board consisting of roasted Aubergine, peppers tomatoes, hummus, halloumi cheese. This starter was OK, a little bland in places & very cold.


The King Prawn curry was very light in flavour with the sauce without much punch. The rice was cooked well but due to the lack of sauce be a a little dry. The King Prawns were toast though with roasted peppers.


Chocolate pudding with a sponge base with coffee

A bit cold once again and lacking flavour.

Overall Meal Rating: 6 out of 10.

The British airways 787 Club World Lie-Flat Seat Review

The BA Business Class seats on all long haul flights have the ability to completely Lie-flat resulting in a bed style seat.

In order to lie flat on the Club World seat, the footstool needs to be positioned horizontal first, this action results in the final section of your lie flat seat bed. The actual seat needs to be operated by controls located in the separation panel to position your seat flat which then meets the footstool to make a connected horizontal platform.

With a horizontal platform to work with, we used the new White Company padded mattress topper, blanket & pillow as our bedding. The padding on this plane's Club World seat was comfy so adding the new bedding made the experience of sleeping pleasurable.

I managed to catch a few hours of sleep on this flight which is unusual for me as I usually cannot sleep on planes even in Business Class.

BA Club World 787-9 Storage Trays, IFE Controller, Seat adjustments

The Club World seat comes with useful, additional such as a storage drawer located under your foldaway tray / IFE at floor level. The storage drawer is large enough to hold a laptop, headphones, menus etc and comes in very handy when you want to store your tray away.

The IFE controller is located me to your seat housed in its own compartment. The ergonomics are slightly weird as you have to twist to take the controller out of its housing. The IFE Controller is duo sided, one side with shortcut buttons and the rear do using with on screen gaming. The controller is attached by wire and retracts back into the housing.

The Business Class seat has its own electronic controls situated in the separation wall housing, Containing three separate adjustments, one controls angle, one control controls the back section of the seat and one adjusts height.

The seat also has two power points, one is USB & 3 Pin Socket, handy if you need to recharge your tablet, smart phone or laptop.

BA 787 Dreamliner Business Class Observations / Recommendations

In our opinion the British airways 787-9 Dreamliner is a definite improvement on the older generation of aircraft in use such as the Boeing 777-200.

Just to fly in an aircraft less than four years old is like riding in a newish car but with a new plane smell.

The interiors are crisp with a different colour shades and mood lighting really compliments the cabins. The electronic, adjustable window shades are a nice feature.

Some people appear to think the 787-9 seats in Club World are cramped for some reason, we didn't find this to be the case especially after flying then previous same seat on the 777. I can seem why people may not like the new middle seat (Coffin) as to me that looked a little claustrophobic sandwiched between two outer seats.

The Catering has certainly improved at BA since a year ago. Overall we would rate our meals fairly highly but always appear to receive a lower standard of meals on our return journeys. This is probably down to the logistics of catering in other countries, we still do not understand why you cannot pre-order your mains for return journeys on BA?

Overall we would highly recommend using the 787-9 in Business Class if you can, keep an eye on the regular British airways world sales as the Seychelles do pop up regularly with good prices for flying the 787-9 in Club World.

Did you know that if you find your flights cheaper elsewhere, BA will Price Match? Review found here - BA Price Match Guarantee

If you have any questions or would like to leave your comments, please feel free to comment below.

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