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British Airways First Class vs Business Class 2020 Review - Who was the Winner?

Is British Airways First Class actually better than Business Class on the 777? You would think First Class wins hands down but its not always a "Done Deal". We review BA First Class inc the Seats, Cabins, Dress Code then compare it to BA Business Class. Was there an outright winner - you will be surprised..

Today we will take a look at British airways First Class vs Business Class and put out there the facts and conclude by the end, in our opinion which is best.

You may be surprised by our findings and this article may challenge the opinions of many..

British Airways First Class Review 777 in 2020

What can we say, First Class is always going to be better, is it not?

In general, yes you are correct but what happens when the same airline brings out a ground-breaking new Business Class product which puts out there, the question again on most people's lips - BA First Class vs Business Class - which is better?

Have we Got you thinking?..

Let's take a look at the First Class product review now and we will let you decide.

From the outset, we need to compare both products so we will start with BA First Class at the Booking stage of any flight and the benefits included.

BA First Class Seat Selection

All First class fares include for free seat selection at the time of booking

Business Class does not include seat selection for free at the time of booking

BA First Class Checked Baggage Allowance

Adults and young adults (from 12 years)3 bags (max. 32kg / 70lb per bag)

Infants (under 2)3 bags (max. 23kg / 51lb) plus Up to two items selected from the following:

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)

  • Car seat

  • Travel cot

  • Carry harness

Infants (under 2)1 bag (max. 23kg / 51lb) plus Up to two items selected from the following:

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)

  • Car seat

  • Travel cot

  • Carry harness

Adults and young adults (from 12 years)2 bags (max. 32kg / 70lb per bag)

Children (2-11)2 bags (max. 32kg / 70lb per bag) plus Up to two items selected from the following:

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)

  • Car seat

  • Travel cot

  • Carry harness

Infants (under 2)1 bag (max. 23kg / 51lb) plus Up to two items selected from the following:

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)

  • Car seat

  • Travel cot

  • Carry harness

  • First Class adult passengers receive 1 extra 32kg checked baggage allocation in comparison to Business Class.

  • Children in First Class also receive 1 extra 23kg checked baggage allocation in comparison to Business Class.

  • Infants in First Class also receive the same checked baggage allocation in comparison to Business Class.

Comparison & Conclusion

As stated officially by British airways, First Class passengers receive 1 extra 32kg of checked baggage per adult & children.

Yes, we agree any additional checked baggage allowance is better to have more, but do any passengers actually need any more than 2 x 23kg of checked baggage each?

Its a nice to have but in reality, how many First Class passengers actually use the full allowance 3 x 32kg allowance each is what we ask ourselves!

British airways First vs Business Class Lounges

The First Galleries lounge at Heathrow consists of 4 areas with various seating areas such as dining featuring tables and a self-service food area, a terrace space and a champagne bar.

Food options as stated above include self serve or waiter service from the a la carte menu. A Business centre featuring all necessary equipment to continue with business whilst awaiting your flight departure.

Champagne in Galleries First is self serve so you can help yourself to as much as you want. Other location within the lounge consists of a wide and high standard of other drinks available.

Food is available all day during opening hours. From fully cooked breakfasts to a selection throughout the day or indulge in afternoon tea selection.

Is there a Dress Code for British airways First Class?

There are no dress code requirements set out by the airline in any communications. However, many passengers who do fly BA First do dress smartly but comfortably for the flight.

The Heathrow Concorde Room

The Concorde Room at Heathrow is Iconic and known worldwide for its elegance and timeless style.

With Private dining booths including waiter table service including a-la-carte dining menus.

If you need to catch up on work before your flight, enjoy the privacy of the business rooms whilst sitting in a real Concorde seat.

Complimentary Elemis Spa Free Treatments

All Passengers flying from Heathrow airport on British Airways First Class receive a complimentary 15-minute Elemis spa treatment. For First Class passengers the treatments can be booked in advance up to 28 days or 48 hours before departure.

Complimentary treatments are available at London Heathrow Terminal 5 (5A South, 5B and Arrivals lounges).

BA Business Class Lounge access

There are actually 3 Business Class lounges to choose from at Heathrow T5. 2 in the A Building, and one in the B Satellite Terminal.

If you want a more relaxing experience then the lounge in B terminal is recommended.

The Galleries Club lounges includes hot and cold food, self-serve tea and coffee, an open bar, showers.

The main Galleries Lounge in T5 is the largest of all 3 lounges at T5 consisting of seating for over 800 passengers. It's located on the top floor of the concourse, above the Galleries First and Concorde Room lounge. This lounge is the most used go business class passengers at T5 and is often very busy.

The food and drink offerings vary, and include sandwiches, pasta, a salad bar, and several varieties of wine, champagne on request.

Comparison & Conclusion

The First Class lounges at T5 win "hands down" between First and Business class.

The Concorde room is Iconic in style and luxury. Galleries First to a slightly lesser extent but still excellent.

Include into the mix a Free 15 minute Elemis Spa treatment for First Class passengers, the Business Class Lounge experiences do not come close to the offerings of First.

British Airways First / Business Class Priority Boarding

First Class:

Priority Group 1

First Class Passengers

Executive Club Gold members

Oneworld Emerald members

Business Class:

Priority Group 2

Business Class Passengers

Executive Club Silver members

Oneworld Sapphire members

Comparison & Conclusion

First class passengers or known officially as Group 1 always board the plane before Business Class.

To board the plane first before any other passengers will always be a Perk. In reality we are talking about a difference of less than 5 minutes until Business class passengers board.

Due to the First class cabins comprising of a limited number of seats, its not long before Business class boards and can be literally a matter of minutes behind.

BA First vs Business Class Cabins

In general, First Class Cabins will always feel more intimate due to the lesser amount of seats installed.

Some First Class Cabins consist of only 8 seats, that's a lot of space.

These cabins will always look & feel spacious and in general provide a better ambience.

Privacy and comfort are of paramount importance within First Class Class have been designed with this in mind.

Also, First class cabins will general have a higher standard of fittings, lighting, seating and facilities.

However, this is where the New BA Business Class Suite cabins being installed on a Series of brand new A350 aircraft are starting to make people ask again "First class vs Business Class - which is better now"?

The "New kid on the block", the British airways Club Suite has the usual critics of BA eating their words.

The new BA Club Suite layout is more like a First class cabin. As an additional benefit, the club suite has a door encasing you in your own private suite, no BA First class product offers this benefit.

In fact, most people once seeing the pictures of the new BA Club Suite are asking how can First Class on the same carrier beat this new product?

The One Horse Race has a new Contender now!

British Airways First Class Seats 2020

There's no beating a First Class Seat. You get comfort, style, privacy and all the latest tech.

The space provided to just one First Class Seat can almost be as much as 2 normal seats on the same plane. In fact, if you like a window seat, how about having two Windows to look out of.

Fancy your own wardrobe, you get that in First. Fancy a large screen flat TV, yes you guessed it..

A BA First Class Seat reclines into a fully flat bed by controls within your space. A standard BA First Class seat in Pitch ranges from 73 inches.

Width of a First Class seat is on average 1-2 inches wider than a standard Business Class seat.

You also receive improved degrees of recline compared to Business Class, Electric seat controls to adjust recline position, legrest and lumbar support & Laptop Power Ports.

BA Business Class Club

BA Club Suite Seats

Now, this is where it gets really interesting.

If you take a look at the picture above of the new British airways Club Suite Business Class seat, you will probably notice some similarities to BA First Class seats.

Like with First Class you are now getting a very personal, large space with BA Business Class. It's a suite unlike with First class.

You get a door to fully enclose you in own personal space, you do not get that with First class.

You receive a brand new seat designed with comfort and styling in mind. You get a wardrobe area just like First, side storage compartments, just like First.

New, large flat screen TV's, I won't go on...

Comparison & Conclusion:

In comparison, the new BA Club Suite seat is as close as it could get to First Class without being called First.

Where as First Class still has the edge in the sheer amount of personal space, there is not much in it now in comparison to the new Business product.

The seat, privacy, Technology, comfort and style is hot on the heels of First Class. In fact, many people are now questioning the existence of British airways First Class with the new Club Suite about to be launched.

BA First Class Dining vs Business Class Dining

Now, First Class dining starts to pull back out In front in the Race again.

First Class dining offers simply the best in airline quality of food & drink.

All First Class passengers of British airways receive Breakfast, mid morning meals, lunch, afternoon tea & Dinner servings.

Main meals are accompanied by delicious starters, whilst the cabin crew prepare your selected main course. Followed by tempting desserts and or the finest cheese platters, accompanied by seasonal fresh fruit and the finest chocolate.

All passengers can also choose their preferred meals in advance by logging into their British airways executive club account and selecting which meals they would prefer on their flights.

BA First Class Flight Afternoon Tea Serving

If your lucky enough to be flying in the afternoon you will be receiving afternoon tea on board.

This consist of finger sandwiches served on bone China plates, cream tea including scones, jam and clotted cream.

Champagne is served at afternoon tea to compliment a pot of tea served alongside.

British airways Business Class Dining

BA Business class now offer a new service concept was recently launched in Club World which will see the cabin crew hand running most meals or using new carts.

You will have to order your starter at the same time as no longer are service trolleys in the cabin. Starters and desserts are now chosen from the new carts in the cabin.

Expect 3 Course lunches & dinners. Breakfasts, mid morning & afternoon snacks.

All dining options are served up in bone China with real cutlery.

Comparisons & Conclusions

BA First Class once again wins this one. You simply receive a better class & standard of dining than in Business Class.

To receive afternoon tea including Champagne wins the race by lengths.

BA First Class vs Business Class Amenity Kits

Once again BA First Class wins.

The First Class BA amenity kits come in two forms, Male & Female.

The BA First Class Amenity kits are made by Liberty of London containing high class, superior quality contents. What is unique also is how they supply Male & Female versions.

The Male Liberty amenity bag contains Refinery’s revitalising moisturiser, lip balm, deodorant stick and shave gel as well as a razor, brush and comb, toothbrush/toothpaste, eye mask, socks, ear plugs and pen.

The Female Liberty amenity bag kit includes Aromatherapy Associates triple rose renewing moisturiser, hydrating hand lotion, renewing cleanser and deodorant stick, along with a lip balm, cotton wool pads, toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush and pen.

BA Business Class Amenity Kit

The BA Business Class product supplies all passengers a new White Company amenity kit.

The BA Amenity kit contains Flight Socks, Eye mask, Ear plugs, Pen, Toothpaste and toothbrush,White Company Spa Relax pulse point, White Company Spa luxury lip balm & White Company Spa Restore gentle moisturiser.

The updated version of the BA Business Class Amenity Kit on Long Haul flights was certainly a step up from the previous Elemis shoe bag style kit.

BA First Class vs Business Class Cabin Service

All British airways First class flights have dedicated cabin crew to look after all first class passengers requirements throughout their flight.

First Class has atleast 2 dedicated cabin Crew to every First Class per flight.

Business Class:

All British airways Business class flights have dedicated cabin crew to look after all Business class passengers requirements throughout their flight.

The difference between First & Business Class will be that the crew serving Business Class will also share responsibilities serving other passes in other cabins on the same flight.

Another Win for First Class...

BA First Class vs Business Class Prices

First Class:

To fly British airways First Class from London Heathrow to JFK will cost per person at the cheapest rate we could find on the particular date when we searched - £3434.00.

The new BA Club Suite Business Class flights on the A350-1000 is only scheduled to fly on certain routes later on this year, so finding availability at present can be Tricky.

That's a difference of £2036.00 per person, return.

That is enough in savings between First class vs Business class fares to be able to Fly two people in the New BA Club Suites and still save £638.00.

Is paying £2036.00 per person to gain the benefits of First Class vs Business Class worth it?

Final Comparisons & Conclusions - First Class vs Business Class

To put it simply, British airways First Class is an outstanding product and especially when flying from London Heathrow.

From the outset, being able to select your favourite seats at the time of booking for Free through to arriving at the airport.

Being treated like a V.I.P as soon as you enter the First Wing, going through security is like a breeze and then on to those amazing lounges including the Iconic "Concorde Room" to fine dining and high end drinks.

Boarding first before any other passengers to a spacious, luxurious cabin to sitting down on a seat bigger and comfier than any other on the plane.

How can First Class be Beaten?

In short, you can't beat BA First Class by another BA product.

However, when it comes to cabins and seating, the new British airways Club Suite launching soon on the A350-1000 aircraft is getting pretty close to the same product in First Class but at a fraction of the cost.

The cost difference between the two products is immense. As stated in our article, you can fly two people in the Club Suites towards First and still have a cool £638.00 in the bank.

Rumors are also circulating that BA may look to reduce the amount of aircraft with First class installed in the future.

Did were you aware that BA have a Policy for Price Matching any flight found cheaper elsewhere? - Find out more here - BA Price Match Guarantee

Is this why British airways has launched such a great new Business Class product with its Club Suite?

Will the new BA Club Suite replace First Class on many routes in the future?

Who know's at this stage but BA are definitely upping their game at last after enduring countless years of criticism of an aging long haul business product in the form of Club World.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article today, we would love to read your comments on this topic First Class vs Business Class.

We will leave you with some questions.

Which is better in your opinion - BA First or BA Club Suites?

Will BA get rid of First Class in the future?

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