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Concorde 002 - Yeovilton Air Museum Experience 2020 PT:2

Our Yeovilton air museum experience day finale ended with us seeing up close a real life example of the world famous Concorde. The Concorde 002 is on show all year round at Yeovilton and is one of the only few examples of this amazing plane left in the world today.

From walking under the gigantic wingspan to viewing the enormous Rolls Royce jet engines, for anyone interesting in Aviation this is a must do experience day out.

How to Find Yeovilton Air Museum

Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton - BA22 8HW

Yeovilton air ram Museum is on the B3151 off the A303 and A37 accessible from the M5 motorway, junction 25 at Taunton. 7 miles north of Yeovil, 40 miles south of Bristol, 39 miles north of Weymouth.

The Museum is also accessible via rail and public transport: Via mainline routes to Yeovil Pen Mill, Yeovil Junction or Castle Cary stations.

Admission Price's to Yeovilton Air Ram Museum

Adults - £19.00 on the door (16-64 years) / Online Price - £15.00

Children & Students - £14.00 / £10.00

Family (1 adult/senior, 3 children) - £39.00 / £30.00

Family (2 adults/seniors, 3 children) £49.00 / £40.00

Concession (Over 65's) - £18.00 / £14.00

Facilities On-Site

The Yeovilton air arm museum has a large car park on site at the side of the main building.

A gift / souvenir shop as you leave through the main front doors adjacent to the check in-counter. This shop sells lots of aviation related items to the museum such as books / models.

I could not resist purchasing a model of Concorde from the Gift shop as shown below available from Amazon.

An on-site Tea Room where you can purchase tea / coffee and other soft drinks with a range of crisps and confectionery is also available.

We believe that there is a restaurant called the "Swordfish" usually where the Tea Rooms are at present outside of Covid 19 restrictions selling cooked meals and alcoholic drinks to ticket holders.

The Warnefords Tea Room is open from 10am until 2pm, with vending machines available after 2pm.

Yeovilton Air Ram Introduction:

The Air Arm Museum is located on RNAS Yeovilton airfield, the museum also has viewing areas where visitors can watch military aircraft take off and land beside the museum.

The Museum contains four halls of aviation exhibitions containing various military aircraft, memorabilia and video rooms, interactive sections for all the family.

Hall 1:

100 years of Search and Rescue

Jutland 1916

Fighting back against the Zeppelins

The Navy's Air War 1914-18

Hall 2:

World War 2 Pacific Theatre: The Fleet Air Arm in the Far East

Battle of the Atlantic

Korean War 1950-1953

Airfield Viewing Area

Hall 3:


Projecting Power

Naval Air Power for the 21st Century

Hall 4:

Leading Edge

Falklands Conflict

Sea King ZA298: “King of the Junglies”

Cold War to Kabul

Concorde 002 (G-BSST) - Our Part:2 UK Trip Review

As we made our way through Halls 1-3 taking in all the Aviation collections at Yeovilton, we finally saw above the door the sign "Hall 4". This we knew from the guide purchased with our tickets was where Concorde 002 was stored.

As we entered Hall 4, you are immediately hit with the sight of the huge, white Concorde 002 positioned towards the rear wall. This supersonic jet aircraft literally takes up the entire length of the hall and glistens in the lighting of an otherwise dark hall area.

To the right as you enter you find a series of military aircraft positioned next to and around Concorde such as Hawker P1127, Bristol Scout D, Handley Page HP115, British Aircraft Corporation 221 & Sea Harrier FRS.1 (XZ493), all very impressive and excellent examples of aviation history.

This was what I was here to see in all her glory - Concorde 002.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous wingspan of the aircraft of measuring 83ft across or 25m.

We walked towards the Concorde 002 and gazed up at the underneath of the wings, the undercarriage and huge Rolls Royce Olympus 593 engines.

On the hall floor next to the Concorde was the actual Rolls Royce engines from the plane. Lots of information detail all the facts of the powerful engines.

The Concorde 002 first took flight in 1969 and undertook seven years of testing as one of only two prototypes in the world. These two prototypes were used as testing craft for the Passenger versions of Concorde which took to the skies for over twenty seven years.

This example achieved Mach1 in 1970 and then Mach 2.05 maximum or 1350 mph.

The Concorde 002 measures in length 184 ft and a height of 38ft with an impressive range of 2,205 miles and retired from service making her home at Yeovilton in 1976.

To finally stand underneath Concorde 002 was certainly an experience. The landing gear and wheels are huge and so close you can actually touch them.

To think in the past that these wheels and tyres where actually in use when landing the Concorde 002.

To the left of the aircraft was a display cabinet full of Concorde memorabilia such as seats from inside this actual aircraft and various instruments from the cockpit.

I made my way towards a platform and stairs leading up to the Concorde's main body and nose cone. From the top of the platform you can touch the aircraft and see the amazing drop nose cone and cockpit windows.

As you look to your right you get a full view along the enormous body and the right hand side wingspan.

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 restrictions the internal sections of the Concorde are not accessible to the public until further notice which was a shame that we could not get to see inside this magnificent aircraft during our experience

Conclusions / Recommendations

This was the second Concorde supersonic aircraft we have had the pleasure of visiting in the U.K. To read our Review from our first experience, click here - Concorde Brooklands Museum

Concorde is such an iconic statement of days gone by when the English aviation industry were world leaders. To think this actual aircraft took all those test flights in order for the passenger Concorde aircrafts could go into production to carry fare paying passengers at Mach 1 across the globe.

The whole Yeovilton air ram museum experience is a great way to educate the whole family on aviation history and an interesting way to support the museum.

To view our Youtube Video of our Yeovilton Air Museum Experience - Yeovilton & Concorde

We would recommend booking your tickets online as due to Covid restrictions only a limited number of people are allowed in to the museum and they operate at present time slot bookings. It also saves you money booking online towards just turning up at the door.

To read about the history of Concorde, there are many publications available online such as this one - Concorde 50th Anniversary or this one - Concorde Haynes

Have you ever been to see one of the only few Concordes still in existence in the UK?

If so, we would love to hear your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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