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Seychelles Mahe Airport Business Lounge 2020 Review

If your flying out of Mahe International airport in the Seychelles on British Airways Business / First Class, you will be provided complimentary access to the Salon Vallee De Mai Business class lounge. In our review we cover the check in desks, food & drink, seating and the amazing views. Was it worthy of a Business Class Lounge title - find out what we thought.

The Seychelles Mahe (SEZ) Business Class International airport Lounge actually belongs to Air Seychelles but shares accessibility with other many other airlines including British Airways.

Before we get going, I have to say that I'm not impressed with most of the lounges in Premium locations in the world and the state of their only Business / First Class lounges. If you think of the Maldives & the Seychelles, you immediately think Premium and expensive destinations.

Then why not invest in providing high paying customers a decent lounge experience?

So to this day, it still bewilders me why the only lounges on offer at these airports are basic, lack decent food / drink offerings & lack that certain level of comfort expected of these premium locations.

See our Review of much better Lounges based at London Gatwick here - BA Gatwick Lounge or London Heathrow here - BA Galleries Lounges Heathrow T5

People can pay anything up to £8,000 for British airways First class flights from London & all you receive are a very basic lounge for your inbound experience, this is the same from Male airport in the Maldives which I didn't even bother writing writing review on, it was that bad.

Locating the Seychelles Mahe airport Business Class Lounge

After checking in your luggage, you take a left and walk towards a double set of doors which lead to a security zone. Once through security you take a set of stairs up to the first floor and take a left again.

Past some small souvenir / duty free shops and at the end of the level you will see rather unique looking entrance to the Air Seychelles Business / First Class Lounge behind a set of obscured glass doors.

The Seychelles (SEZ) Mahe Salon Vallee De Mai lounge Business / First Class lounge provides access to passengers flying on Air Seychelles, British airways, Emirates, Qatar, Sri Lankan, Kenya, Ethiopian, Austral, Turkish, Condor, Austrian & Air France.

As you enter through the automatic, sliding glass doors you check-in at a large wooden reception desk to your right. For some reason they appears to have three uniformed sat at reception for a lounge that probably holds 50 passengers at maximum capacity.

To your left, a self service food & drink area with a centre island containing breads,toaster, jams, a hot food container with bacon / sausages and a bread board with some cake.

Around the perimeter another self serve area with drinks either soft or alcoholic. Under counter refrigerators holding more drinks with above coffee / Tea dispensing machines, cups & saucers, plates, cutlery & glasses.

Various cereals, pastries, milk, fruit & condiments along the countertop. Surrounding the kitchen area there were various chairs, tables for passengers to sit and eat.

The rest of the Seychelles Business Class Lounge consists of different areas with seating, some with fabric armchairs, leather sofas and wooden chairs & tables.

Towards the rear of the lounge contained an area of armchairs, sofas and a large wall TV screen which sometimes departure / arrival information displayed.

The flooring is all wooden throughout the lounge with matching dark wood tones throughout, neutral wall coverings, window blinds & some planters to add to the jungle hut look.

One set of toilets serve the entire lounge, these were kept clean during our visit and smelled of citrus oils.

To the Centre area of the lounge contained two small areas of brightly colored yellow then grey armchairs and wooden tables. Supporting, decorative wooden beams appear to designate certain zones and beams on the ceiling all add to the ever familiar dark wood tones throughout.

To the perimeter of the lounge were Windows overlooking the runway. The most interesting thing i found to look at in this lounge was our plane, the British airways 787-9 Dreamliner parked awaiting loading.

Our review of the journey can be found here -> <-

All the tables & chairs were taken when we arrived in the lounge next to the Windows so we got to sit in the coloured armchairs in the middle.

To be honest, there is not a lot more to say about this lounge. I've added a few more pictures below before my round up and conclusions.

Our Conclusions / Recommendations

The Seychelles Mahe airport Business / First Class lounge in our opinion ticks the Boxes in the basic lounge category just like the lounge at Male Airport in the Maldives.

In the picture you will see our favourite long haul plane, the Boeing 787-9, read our Review on our flight to the Seychelles here - British airways Dreamliner 787-9

These types of lounges appear to have minimum amounts of Money invested in them and are almost appear an afterthought for Premium passengers. Why not invest and make the lounges something to remember when you leave your Paradise location rather than leave a negative impression of the beautiful location you've just visited?

Back to topic, this lounge provides the basics of food, drink and comfort whilst awaiting your departure flight. It appeared clean and tidy, food was limited but luckily we knew it would not be long until our airline would provide a proper meal.

It is nice to receive complimentary lounge access on our flights wherever we fly. I would not be happy paying for lounge access to this lounge and would not recommend it unless free to access.

Please feel free to leave a comment below of your experiences of the Seychelles lounge.

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