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Tenerife South Lounge Sala Montana Roja VIP [Update 2020] Review

Our Tenerife South airport lounge Sala Montana Roja VIP review. We cover in this article how to locate the BA departure lounge, the opening / Closing times, food & drink, access, Smoking Terrace, The Quiet area, Runway views. Can anyone gain access to the TFS lounge - Read on to find out.

How to find the Tenerife South Sala Montana Roja Lounge

To find the lounge at the Tenerife South airport terminal you make your way through security on the 1st floor, then turn left and travel through the Duty Free & shopping area.

Proceed through the main concourse passing the escalators / stairwells to the main boarding gates.

You then arrive at the lounge entrance.

The TFS Lounge Opening & Closing Times

The lounge opening / closing times are:

Mon - 07:00 - 22.00

Tues & Sat - 07:00 - 23.00

Wed & Thurs - 07:00 - 21.00

Sun - 07:00 - 22.30

The Lounge Access Requirements / Restrictions / Eligibility

Access requirements to the lounge includes eligibility by passengers flying by Business Class via one of the lounge partners such as British airways or any OneWorld alliance airline.

Passengers can also gain access by purchasing entry via one of the many Lounge Club membership schemes either as a one time entry or via a subscription.

Entry can also be purchased at the lounge reception for a price of €29.85 per adult, Children between the ages of 6-10 years old at a charge of €13.75 each. All children under 5 years old are free of charge to enter aslong as accompanied by a fee paying adult.

Certain restrictions apply to all payment / business class customers, these include a restriction of permitted access for only 4 x hours limit per entry. If the customers airline departure is delayed for whatever reason, lounge access will be extended.

We have seen better prices to enter the TFS Lounge on the web so our advise would be to do your research with one of the many lounge companions on the internet first.

Sala Montana Roja VIP Review

Santa Cruz de Tenerife airport and is the only lounge within this terminal.

The lounge consists of a total of 696 square meters of floor space with facilities / services on-site including a self-serve food & drink area, Smoking Terrace, Quiet areas, two separate seating areas, toilets, reception, computers, fax & telephones, Newspapers & Magazines, Air traffic information, Televisions & Free Wi-Fi access.

The Check-In / Reception area

To locate reception you enter through a set of sliding glass doors and follow the curved walkway through to the reception desk.

The reception area was manned by one member of staff when we arrived. Our lounge access tickets were requested and checked to ensure eligibility to access the lounge. The staff on reception were professional, courteous and quick at processing our tickets.

On the reception desk we observed various information and literature about the lounge, the company that runs the facility and how to access the free Wi-Fi.

The Food & Drinks Self Service Area

The food & drinks self-serve area is found at the rear, off reception and through an entrance off the main seating zone.

The area is fairly small with a large, serving table located in the centre. Around the perimeter of the room were various workspaces contain coffee & tea making facilities, toaster, microwave, cups & saucers & glassware.

We found the catering size Nespresso Coffee capsule machine to provide good quality tasting coffee even though locating the capsules, a little difficult. A good selection of black & fruit flavoured teas were also on display.

Various refrigerators were located throughout the area containing items such as cellophane wrapped pre-made sandwiches & yogurt. From previous experience in other lounges we decided against the sandwiches as they tend to be dry & tasteless unless freshly made and on display.

We found a good selection of various drinks available, chilled in the refrigerators such as soft drinks, lager and white wine.

Food on display included cheeses, cooked meats, breads, jars full of dried fruits & nuts and various pastries, cakes & biscuits. The food on offer during our visit to this lounge, we found to be below average. I did notice a serving table with hot food trays but all were empty with apology notices placed on each section.

On a separate table as you leave the area we observed various Wines, spirits and soft drinks on display and an ice bucket (empty).

On this occasion we decided just to grab a few pastries and cup of coffee and look for the best seats in the house.

The Different Seating areas

This lounge contains two seating zones, one main seating area next to reception & the toilets. This area consisted of various leather tub chairs & comfy sofas with the table containing newspapers & magazines.

Lots of Natural light floods into this area from the floor to ceiling Windows facing the runway. Marble effect floors and green planters throughout give this main area a relaxed feel.

Whilst the temperatures outside were reaching 75 degrees, the lounge was cool at all times by the air conditioning and a welcome break from the heat and terminal foot traffic outside.

The main seating area was about three-quarters full with passengers on our visit but still did not feel crowded, we found a comfy sofa to relax in and take in some sights.

But wait, there's another secret seating area...

What we did not know at that time that behind the main seating area held another quieter, seating zone containing lots of chairs, sofas & coffee tables. I only discovered this "hidden jem" when I went to grab a magazine and saw a small entrance to another seating area behind a wall.

This other area was like an oasis of calm and quiet from the other side of the wall. We were the only customers within this area and it felt like having your own lounge to yourselves and were sure not many people know about this other area.

This other area consisted of approx 25 x leather armchairs / sofas plus some coffee tables plus an information display board on the wall also kept us up to date of our boarding gate.

Within this area we also observed a few Personal Computers for customer use and baby chairs etc.

We decided to sit within an area slightly raised from the main seating above which held a few armchairs, tables and sofas facing the runway with some amazing views. The area felt relaxing and slightly surreal as we were the only people within an area which could easily hold up to 50 x passengers.

We certainly made the most of our time here with numerous cups of coffee, pastries and the odd glass of wine. The view from the floor to ceiling Windows from this area were outstanding. You get a 180 degree view of the runway observing parked aircraft and watching planes arrive and take off, all from the comfort of a leather sofa.

We watched our British airways Airbus 320 arrive on time from London Gatwick from our view from the lounge window, due to the short turnaround time of short-haul aircraft at TFS it was not long until our boarding gate displayed on the information board.

The Smoking Terrace area

Adjacent to both seating areas of the Tenerife South Lounge was an amazing looking area called the Smoking Terrace. This smoking area was encased in floor to ceiling glass panels with a few chairs and tables.

Smoking In Tenerife are more tolerated in public areas than the United Kingdom we found during our trip. This became more apparent by the design of the smoking terrace as this area could easily hold up to 20 x people. We also noticed this area was a "Sun trap" so even non-smokers sat in the terrace taking in the last of sun before their departure.

The Smoking Terrace was only accessible through a glass door via the main seating area.

Our Verdict / Recommendations

In our opinion the Tenerife South lounge - Sala Montana Roja VIP is a good benefit for passengers of business class flights due to it being provided free of charge and part of your business class flight package. We were entitled to free entry due to flying British airways Club Europe Business Class, review found here -

Yes, we have experienced far better lounges in the past such as the BA Lounge at Gatwick South, review found here - , but to be provided free entry to a lounge to get away from the crowds in the main terminal is always greatly appreciated and a great benefit.

The food servings could do with some improvements such as actually providing hot food at lunchtime or atleast provide some freshly made sandwiches rather than cellophane wrapped, chilled sandwiches.

If you're not a Business Class passenger and want to purchase entry to this lounge, we would recommend shopping around for the best price as going direct is not always the cheapest.

Many companies advertising on the web offer cheaper Lounge access to the TFS lounge than going direct, make sure you do your research first for the best price.

Lounge Buddy has prices cheaper than going direct or consider purchasing either a one time entry to this lounge from Lounge Club or maximise your value if you fly frequently not in Business Class by purchasing a yearly lounge access subscription pass. We found a slightly better price by booking through expedia at £26.00 per adult, remember also you can collect expedia loyalty points and cashback from this purchase.

Overall, the lounge has a relaxing atmosphere with comfy leather armchairs & sofas with free alcoholic / soft drinks, food, snacks & unlimited tea / coffee. The views of the runway through the floor to ceiling glass Windows are amazing and in general we would recommend the lounge to anyone.

If you do access this lounge, make sure you check out the other area behind the wall we discovered, you won't be disappointed.

Have you ever visited to TFS Lounge, what did you think of this lounge as we would love to hear your thoughts or questions.

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